Saturday, December 19, 2009

A quick and dirty diaper review

With two kids under the age of three, we go through over 300 diapers a month.

We've tried every brand of disposable waste-catchers, from premium to generic, and we always, always come back to Luvs.

Exhibit A:

[Image of super-soaked, non-leaking diaper, removed now that I've made my point.]

In addition, they are soft (i.e., comfortable), lightly scented, and often cost exactly the same as the sandpapery generics.

Our second favorite generics are Kirkland diapers, found at Costco.

And if money were no object, we'd be happy to Pamper our babies' bottoms any day.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to post this review. I even tried to contact the company to get some coupons for you, but they shot me down (per policy). However, you can find lots of money-saving deals on the company sites and other places online. Also, I apologize for the graphic nature of this post; but if you're like me and buying diapers by the caseload, I'm sure you've seen--and smelled--far worse.


  1. We used disosables with our first and Luvs were our dipe of choice. Cheap(er) and never leaked! Now we use cloth dipes and LOVE them. Much easier on the wallet...and so soft and cute!

  2. Hi, I'm a mom too, and I work for Luvs. I was so happy to come across such a glowing recommendation! Thanks for using our diapers :)Alison