Thursday, July 8, 2010

Delta Toddler Beds: Perfect for growing kids in a small space

Well, hello!

Yes, I know, it's been rather quiet over here at Spawnocalypse Reviews. I'm still not sure if this type of blogging is something I really have a knack for.

BUT, my family just made a modest purchase--a pair of big-kid beds--that we put a fair amount of thought and research into, of which I figured some fellow parents with growing toddlers and shrinking bank accounts might benefit.

Once it became apparent we were going to need to move both the two- and three-year-old out of their cribs (which you can read about here), we were originally going to procure a pair of twin beds that they would use from now until college. And two mattresses. And new bedding. And have to figure out how we were going to squeeze my daughter's into a room with the approximate dimensions of a handicapped bathroom stall.

Wanting to keep things fairly equal between them, I figured we'd suck it up and bring in a pair of plastic character beds they could use with their crib mattresses for a bit. Though chances are pretty good Annie will still love Disney princesses for some time and Gunnar will worship Buzz Lightyear or Thomas or whoever we settled on, they've been known to turn before. And the off-chance that a new favorite would result in a sleeping-in-the-shunned-character-bed strike made me afraid to risk it.

But then I poked around online and found this:

And this:
At $79.99 each, with no cheesy characters and wood-like finishes matching their existing furniture, I was sold.

After fixing the flat tire we got on the way to the closest Target that had them in stock, spending almost an hour (even with staff help toward the end) trying to find the stinking things (endcap!), we got them home and assembled without too much difficulty.

The kids have now slept in their new little beds for three nights. Our assessment so far...

  • Cute, sturdy, and sans Dora or any of her annoying friends.
  • Take up far less space than the cribs did in slanted-ceiling bedrooms, giving the kids more space to play.
  • Required no extra purchases other than the bed (though in retrospect, I'd have sprung for novelty sheets or at least pillowcases to help sell the switch).
  • Low to the ground, with small railing to prevent rollouts (three-year-old, who had been sleeping with improvised crash-mat next to converted crib, is very happy with this feature).

  • For the price, obviously they're fairly lightweight. My two-year-old can slide hers around easily on the hardwood floor.
  • We'll have to eventually upgrade, as they're labeled to hold only up to 50 lbs. I think that's about the size of a kindergartner, but am guessing that the kids will want something more substantial before that.

Overall, the Delta Toddler Beds were the perfect solution for our needs right now, and I highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.


  1. They look pretty good. I especially love the side railings, it's perfect for a transitional bed. My children have grown past this stage but I needed something just like that when they were toddlers. Thanks for the review. Have a great weekend!

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